VMware VVols: next-gen storage goes back to the future


Storage has been an ever changing and evolving center of innovation propelled in part by the infrastructure changes VMware and cloud computing drove into the data center. This week at VMworld 2014, VMware showcased Virtual SAN (VSAN) and Virtual Volumes (VVols), two areas of storage innovation. VSAN provides the storage element within the new EVO […]

Win a Pure Storage Jersey at vOdgeball


As a part of the fund raising efforts of vOdgeball, Pure Storage is donating 5 official Pure Storage vOdgeball jerseys to the charity raffle (one of each size S, M, L, XL & XXL). vOdgeball is one of the 5 must see activities VMworld attendees shouldn’t miss. Here’s hoping to see you Sunday at 3:00 and be sure to show […]

VMworld 2014: 5 Days, 5 Must Attend Events


There’s less than a week until VMworld 2014 opens. Pure, like all of the event sponsors, is racing to wrap up our technical sessions, community events and high-touch VIP engagements. VMworld provides a wealth of technical education, introduces innovative products and shares industry direction. The wealth of activities can make it difficult to plan one’s […]

All-Flash Arrays: The New Tier-1 in Storage


Just under a year ago I joined Pure Storage and shared, “the flash-enabled datacenter is the next seismic shift in IT infrastructure technology.” At that time, some questioned the departure from a large storage industry leader to Pure, an innovative start-up. Those who asked why cited a number of reasons ranging from the miniscule size […]

Coming Soon: Support for VMware VVOLs


VMware has launched the beta for the next release of vSphere. This release includes support for virtual volumes (VVOLs), the generation of storage architecture for virtual infrastructures which will enable storage capabilities, both granular monitoring and management, on a per virtual machine basis. VVOLs will enable a number of operational and data management capabilities that […]