Pure Storage: The Flash Revolution Advances to VMworld Europe 2014


Next week Pure Storage lands in Barcelona, Spain for VMworld Europe. We’re bringing flash and cloud experts for in-booth and one-on-one conversations, numerous demos that span from infrastructure to application to automation and some sneak previews of what’s coming from Pure engineering in 2015 (think VVols and more that I can’t share here). Let’s talk […]

VMware VVols: It’s time to revisit the SAN and NAS debate


Which is better with VMware, SAN or NAS storage? This simple question sparked numerous debates throughout the IT industry during the formative and hyper-growth years of VMware. The conversation spanned performance concerns, dove into operational trade-offs and more importantly defined a new set of capabilities and requirements which have led us to VVols. For me […]

XtremIO Upgrade Kit: Pure offers free swing gear for destructive EMC upgrades


Pure Storage wants to help EMC customers complete their upgrade to XIOS 3.0 by providing free loaner Pure Storage FlashArray as a part of the XtremIO Upgrade Survival Kit. We think if you’re forced to migrate data – why not try Pure in the process? Keep your applications running and your end users happy while comparing performance, data reduction […]

Catch the Podcast: GreyBeards on Flash and Storage Market Disruption


Recently I caught up with Howard Marks and Ray Lucchesi on the GreyBeards on Storage podcast to discuss Pure Storage and how software is enabling flash to disrupting the $15B performance disk storage market. It’s a casual chat filled with a few zingers and laughs. Check it out at the GreyBeards blog or on iTunes.

Have a few days to spare? We need to upgrade the XtremIO


Recently the news wire has been abuzz with the revelation that EMC XtremIO customers wanting to upgrade the system software to the coming XIOS version 3.0 will be disruptive. To be clear, this isn’t the typical run-of-the-mill, inconvenient, disruptive upgrade you’ve come to loathe. It’s destructive to your data. An upgrade to XIOS 3.0 requires all data […]