Pure Storage Flash Bits: Ensuring 100% Performance


Today’s IT departments are evolving into internal service providers focused on delivering agile and always available services to end users, partners, and customers. One of the many unique qualities of the Pure Storage FlashArray is the ability to ensure 100% performance and uninterrupted service during planned and unplanned downtime. This design that implements new constructs […]

Pure Storage Flash Bits: Adaptive Data Reduction


Flash is the revolutionizing force in the storage market, providing next-generation storage platforms a level of performance previously unobtainable and more ideal to support the data access requirements of today and for the foreseeable future. Flash is broadly offered in one of two formats. There are all-flash arrays that tend to focus solely on high-performance […]

Introducing the Pure Storage Flash Bits Series


There’s never been a better time to be in the storage industry than right now. The unprecedented level of innovation and introduction of new storage platforms indicate a seismic change is on the horizon for datacenters globally. Pure Storage is widely recognized as a leader in this era of new storage architectures. With the FlashArray […]

What’s the Total Addressable Market for All-Flash Arrays?


VMware Partner Exchange 2014 has come to a close. Has there ever been a more exciting time to be in the storage industry? The market is overflowing with innovation to tackle the struggles inherent in disk storage arrays. As one PEX attendee said, “The incumbent storage vendors simply failed to innovate at the pace of VMware.“ […]

Understanding Thin Provisioning: Does it Reduce Storage Capacity?


I’d like to continue the discussion on storage savings technologies. In my recent post on Dedupe and Compression I attempted to clarify the differences in the data reduction capabilities between each technology and demonstrate how the two deliver even greater savings when used in conjunction. Let’s expand the conversation by digging into Thin Provisioning, likely […]

Data Deduplication and Compression Means Double Savings


In many ways data deduplication and compression are a lot like salt and pepper. Both of these seasonings enhance the taste of food, each has a distinct flavor and is used in varying quantities depending on the dish being prepared; however, most of the time food tastes better when the two are used together. Similarly, […]